Aplikasi Rekomendasi Pemesanan Paket Wisata Menggunakan Metode Collaborative Filltering

  • Ibrahim Asad Universitas Teknologi Yogyakarta
  • Muhhamad Zakariyah Universitas Teknologi Yogyakarta
Keywords: tourism, recommendation system, tour packages, collaborative filtering


The advancement of information technology has led to the rapid growth of tourism information, causing difficulties for tourists to find relevant information according to their needs. Recommendation systems are one of the solutions to recommend tourist destinations based on user preferences. Tourism has become an industry that provides significant benefits to a region. Therefore, tourist attractions need to be developed to achieve maximum results. There are various impacts of tourism development, one of which is the improvement of the local economy in tourist areas. Yogyakarta is one of the cities with various tourist attractions and is a popular destination for people living in Central Java, specifically. However, the abundance of tourist destinations poses a challenge for tourists in making decisions. Tourism recommendations are made based on various factors, such as ticket prices, the distance of the tourist destination from the user's current location on maps, and facilities. The technique used is Collaborative Filtering (CF). Using this technique can provide accurate recommendations to each user. In this research, the Collaborative Filtering method is used to build a recommendation system by finding similarities among users.


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