Analisis Forensik Digital Pada Aplikasi Media Sosial Facebook Menggunakan Metode Statik Forensik

  • Chairul Ridwan Caesar Universitas Mulia
  • Yustian Servanda Universitas Mulia
  • Yeyen Dwi Atma Universitas Mulia
Keywords: Forensik Digital, Statik Forensik, Cybercrime, Media Sosial, Facebook


The rapid development of internet technology and the increasing number of social media users have led to a rise in crime on social media platforms, including Facebook. This freedom of expression can make users both victims and perpetrators. A significant amount of crime occurs on social networks like Facebook, including the spread of fake news. Unfortunately, many Indonesians readily believe unverified information, leading to disputes and divisions. Additionally, pornography, hate speech, harassment, and other criminal activities can occur online. However, no crime is truly without a trace. This research, "Digital Forensic Analysis on the Facebook Social Media Application using the Static Forensic method," aims to assist legal processes based on applicable laws to uncover and expose crimes committed on the internet.