Analisis Perbandingan Metode PTES dan ISSAF Sebagai Uji Keamanan Router di Zurich Hotel Balikpapan

  • Putra Prasetyo -
  • Djumhadi Djumhadi Universitas Mulia
  • Wahyu Nur Alimyaningtias Universitas Mulia


This research aims to determine the differences between the PTES and ISSAF methods as a router security test. This research is located at Zurich Hotel Balikpapan, where the router used for internet facilities is a core router that connects all devices, both internet users and servers belonging to Zurich Hotel. The conclusion in this study is that there are several differences, namely the PTES method focuses more on the target of attacks while ISSAF still requires other users as victims. The PTES method is also more flexible in its use while ISSAF has been determined for the assessment. Because the PTES method is more flexible the attack used also depends on the vulnerabilities found, while ISSAF has a more complete guide.